27 mar. 2014

April 4

The Noah film opens in Spain on April 4. I don't want to see an empty chair! I'm sure it's a brilliant movie, also magnificent actors as: Russell Crowe, Jennifer Connelly, Logan Lerman, Emma Watson and Anthony Hopkins.


South Sydney Rabbitohs co-owner Russell Crowe

South Sydney Rabbitohs co-owner Russell Crowe has tipped Sam Burgess to succeed in rugby union.

Robin Hood- Robin Longstride

England, XIII century. Longstride Robin (Russell Crowe), a great archer who fought in the Crusades in the service of King Richard the Lionheart (Danny Huston), returns from the Holy Land fighting the French and looting villages. When Richard died by an arrow, Robin moved to Nottingham to fulfill a promise he made to Sir Robert Loxley (Douglas Hodge) before dying out his sword to his father, Sir Walter Loxley (Max Von Sydow). There he meets Lady Marion (Cate Blanchett), Loxley's widow. Meanwhile, in England, John Lackland queen (Oscar Isaac), a king without character and unable to cope with both internal rebellions and external threats concocted by treacherous Godfrey (Mark Strong). The objective of Robin and his men will prevent a bloody civil war and return glory to their country.


In the year 180 d. C. Maximum General Tenth Hispanic Meridio leads the Roman army to an important victory over the Germanic tribes near Vindobona , ending a long war in the limes of the Roman Empire . Thus earns the esteem of the elderly and sick Emperor Marcus Aurelius, who despite having a child , Comfortable, decides that his death is the general who holds temporal power until the Roman senate finally assume the government of the empire. When his father announces his decision , Comfortable kills his father in a fit of rage and power blocks . Comfortable try to win the loyalty of Maximus, but the military is aware of what has happened . At that time the general is betrayed by his friend, Quintus, who reluctantly instructs the Praetorian to run him and his family in Hispania . Max gets rid of his tormentors and begins the return to your home at full speed, but not in time to save his wife and son .
After burying them , Maximus is unconscious from exhaustion and pain of loss , when it falls into the hands of slave that moved him to Zucchabar in North Africa . There is bought by East and forced to fight as a gladiator in the arena. Meet and befriends Juba and Hagen, the first of which asks you to have faith and do not despair , you will finally meet his family in the afterlife.
Meanwhile, in Rome, Commodus becomes emperor and ordered to begin several months of games and gladiator fights . In Africa , Maximum proves a fierce gladiator , skilled in combat and born leader. Finally just being taken to fight in the Coliseum of Rome, where men are hired East to fight in a reenactment of the Battle of Zama . Hiding her face with a helmet, Maximum leads his fellow combatants and gets an unexpected victory that a public pleading for their lives are won. Impressed , Comfortable down to the beach to meet the fighters ordered the head to reveal his identity gladiator. This becomes , uncovering his face , and says, " My name Maximum Tenth Meridio , commander of the Armies of the North , General of the Felix Legions , loyal servant to the true emperor Marcus Aurelius , father to a murdered son , husband to a woman killed, and reach my vengeance in this life or the next . "
Later, Max , adored by the public, fight against undefeated gladiator Tigris of Gaul , which overcomes but respects life , against the wishes of Commodus . The mob thus baptizes " Maximum compassionate ' popularity soars and sees Comfortable and frustrated their attempts to kill the former general , for his death would make him lose the favor of the Roman people . After this fight the old servant of Maximus, Cicero , contacts him and tells him that his army is still loyal to him . Then Max begins to conspire against Comfortable with 's sister , Lucilla , who has always been in love with him, and Senator Gracchus, with the ultimate aim of reuniting with his army and complete his revenge by overthrowing and killing the emperor. However, Comfortable suspicion of treason being plotted against him and his sister threatens to kill his son if he does not reveal the whole conspiracy . During the attempted escape of Maximus, the Praetorian guard attacks Comfortable gladiator school , killing Hagen and East. Juba and the survivors are imprisoned , while Max makes it to the walls of the city through tunnels. There he discovers that he has fallen into a trap : Cicero is killed and captured him .
Desperate to kill Max and prove its greatness , Comfortable prepares a fight in the Coliseum against the popular gladiator. Before starting the battle, and knowing of their superiority in melee , the emperor stabbed in the back at Max . Despite being wounded during combat Maximum manage to disarm the emperor, who calls a spade a desperate Fifth, chief of his guard. He refuses to give it and orders his men to do the same . Comfortable then shows a stylus that had hidden under the armor, but Maximus, in a last effort , he holds the arm sticks it to the emperor in the throat and ends its life .
The Maximum dying , bleeding from the stab given him Comfortable , has a vision of his family in the afterlife. Fifth pronounce his name, and then asked Max as last wish to free their men and that Senator Graco is restored , then remember the words of Marcus Aurelius on the greatness of Rome. Then down in the sand and Lucilla rushes to his side. In his last vision before his death, is reunited with his family. Lucila honor his memory with a word and asked to carry his body to shoulder , which is removed from the sand by Graco and his fellow gladiators . At dusk , Juba buries in the sand of the Colosseum the two small figures that Maximum prayed to his wife and son and whispers, " Now we are free . We shall meet again . But not yet ... not yet 

American Gangster- Richie

Russell Crowe gives life to Richie Roberts in American Gangster
Russell Crowe in American Gangster American GangsterRussell Crowe about

Russell Crowe, willing to work for the third time with director Ridley Scott and producer Brian Grazer , accepted the challenging role of unrepentant police. I drew how Steven Zaillian 's script described how corrupt New York City , Harlem and less complicated world of New Jersey acted as satellites at the time of the rise of heroin. According to journalist Mark Jacobson, author of " The Return of Superfly" ( The Return of Superfly ) , corruption had reached such proportions within the Special Narcotics Investigation Unit (SIU ) , that " in 1977 , 52 70 policemen who had been through the unit were jailed or indicted . " Richie Roberts was the exception that proves the rule , and Russell Crowe admires him for what he has heard from him .

Speaking of the first conversations I had with Brian Grazer , Russell Crowe says, " I had read five or six versions of the script , and knew my favorite , but that was in the ship's captain. Brian called me on a Friday and Ridley else called me on Saturday . Took the opportunity to ask him if he had read the latest version. I said yes and I was delighted. I asked , 'Do you think they'll try to greedy if we do another movie together soon? " And I said,' Who cares ? ' " .

But Russell Crowe was aware that a film about real people is not the same as making a documentary about their lives. "The script focuses on a time period and condenses to tell the story ," he says . "In the film , Richie does things that really did not. All that concerns him is contradictory. Nothing in it is traditional and is not someone who can be pigeonholed into a category . In fact , ours is just an imitation . "

On the set , " There's nothing like running up and down stairs with a tight Levis seventies during a heat wave in New York ," says Russell Crowe, with a gesture of despair. "One day, I touched up 54 steps , and re-upload them down another 75 , running , of course. After 10 floors, was the cowboy soaked and cut me so tight that circulation. "

Russell Crowe: "I know the Pope Francisco you see Noah"

Russell Crowe is a stubborn guy. A month ago began a crusade Twitter for Pope Francisco gave his blessing to his new film, " Noah " , and after attending last week to a general audience at the Vatican , the actor believes that the pontiff will see .

" We did not show the film, but in my heart I know that look and you will find it fascinating ," said the winner of the Oscar for " Gladiator " (2000 ) .

" The people around you have seen , and in fact , I've had conversations with a few people in the upper echelons of the Catholic Church and loved the experience. 'm Pretty sure (the Pope ) will attend a Local theater to see it , " proud said.

On Wednesday the spokesman of the Vatican press office , Federico Lombardi denied that the pope had canceled a particular hearing requested by the actor as he said , at no time were available for it. Nevertheless , the figure of the Pope has dazzled Francisco actor .

"I appreciate that you took early on certain issues . Has proven to be kind and thoughtful . Given the amount of criticism and controversy surrounding the film , we invite the audience to show me that goodness is real and not a campaign public relations, " Crowe said.

" Noah ," which opens this Friday in the U.S. and April 3 in Chile, has received complaints from Catholic extremists who accuse the film of being unfaithful to the Bible , and three Arab countries ( Qatar , Bahrain and UAE Arab Emirates) have censured for representing the figure of the prophet Noah, something contrary to Islamic law.

"There have been many unjustified criticism ," Crowe said. " To me it seems stupid to talk about something you have not seen and make assumptions about something that may or may not be . 'm Sure that most critics see the film , you will understand what respectful and powerful it is and probably will regret reacted so hysterical that way, " he added.

" Noah " , a project born from the passion of director Darren Aronofsky and based on the character of Noah and his apocalyptic visions of the Flood , which give rise to a visual extravaganza service known biblical story, but told in a unconventional.

To save his family and several species of animals , the devotee carpenter has to build a huge ark theoretically directed by God.

The film's cast includes Jennifer Connelly , Ray Winstone , Emma Watson , Logan Lerman and Anthony Hopkins , among others.

" To play someone like Noah read what you can , of course. Several interpretations and versions of the Bible and the Koran. But the more I read , the clearer it was that the story of Noah was a shared human experience. Knew it would be useful to isolate everything else and see him more as a man facing a very difficult task , "said the actor.

Crowe believes the film does not leave anyone indifferent with its reflection about the Creation , and was proud of the risks taken with the action scenes .

Indeed , the film contains battles reminiscent of "Lord of the Rings" by the presence of a giant stone symbolizing fallen angels, whose mission is to help the protagonist to build and defend the ark.

The actor believes that the movie has the potential to be etched in the mind of the viewer as did " Gladiator " , possibly his best-remembered film.

" The feedback has been quite intense in places like Rio de Janeiro , Mexico and Moscow. The viewer recognizes the huge weight that drags Noah and there comes a time when you do not know if you connect more with him because he does things that can not tolerate. it is a difficult process for the public and that makes it a great experience , "he concluded .